Your Song

Release: 2017


„Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll" – John Winter (Tom Beck) has left all of this behind. Thanks to his new girlfriend Ella (Susan Hoecke), Germany’s most successful rock star now lives a moderate life with healthy diet, yoga and monogamy. But because of this new lifestyle he suffers from a writer’s block which leads to financial ruin not only for him, but also his agent Grobsch (Dirk Borchardt) as well as his entire management. Grobsch uses his assistant Lou (Cristina do Rego) to get John back to his old rockstar life and to write new hits. Lou is reluctant to accept this assignment and it didn’t take long until the unruly young woman and the disillusioned rocker got into a fight - but into flirting as well.

And a new hit single is not the only goal of Lous mission ...


TV station: Sat.1
Editorial staff SAT.1: Yvonne Weber
Produced by PANTALEON Films


Tom Beck, Cristina do Rego, Dirk Borchardt, Dennis Schigiol, Susan Hoecke


Director: Kai Meyer-Ricks
Screenplay: Katharina Eyssen
Director of Photography: Sönke Hansen
Line Producer: Simon Happ