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Pantaflix AG


Pantaflix Technologies

PANTAFLIX Technologies is the tech-player behind the video-on-demand platform and represents state-of-the-art digital distribution of premium content.

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Pantaleon Films

PANTALEON Films is the creative home base and production company for German and international cinematic movies and high-end series.

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PantaSounds: our very own Podcast label

In 2022, the PANTAFLIX Group and its subsidiary PantaSounds will also enter the booming audio market. With PantaSounds, we want to serve the entire repertoire of modern audio entertainment from entertaining talks with strong voices to elaborate storytelling formats.

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Creative Cosmos 15

cc15 unites entertainment and brands, ensuring exciting entertainment and maximum coverage. Whether it be shows, spots or stunts is modelled after the specific target audience we're trying to reach.

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We’re always looking to work with the best and brightest talent. Get in touch to let us know how your skills could help us. Or, explore the current list of available roles.

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Investor relations

We enjoy strong and open relationships with all our investors and partners. Find out more about our current performance and plans, and our vision for the future.

Investor relations