What a man

Release: 25/08/2011


This comedy tells the story of Alex (Matthias Schweighöfer), a young teacher, who caused by his girlfriend Carolin (Mavie Hörbiger) breaking up with him, embarks on a quest for himself and subsequently his manhood. But how do you avoid the pitfalls of a modern maleness? And what exactly makes a guy a man?

Alex is a 30-year old thoroughly endearing and completely domesticated man. When his girlfriend Carolin runs off with their tough guy neighbor Jens (Thomas Kretschmann) and on top of that kicks Alex out of the shared apartment; He is devastated.

He finds solace and a place to stay with his wonderfully chaotic friend Nele (Sibel Kekilli), who knows a whole lot about saving Pandas, but is still trying to figure things out when it comes to human relationships. While Alex is contemplating his life in Nele’s messy apartment, he starts ruminating over what went wrong with his relationship: Maybe guys have to be tough and macho after all: Never, ever put down the toilet seat and use heavy duty musk deodorant? A question, which Alex’ best friend „Okke“ (Elyas M’Barek) a lovable wannabe-macho would answer with a manly: “Yeah!“ Okke soon takes Alex under his wing, to make „a real man“ out of him. Unfortunately his various attempts and excursions into the Realm of Testosterone fail miserably. And even the mysterious Man-Coach Volker (Milan Peschel) who specializes in self-discovery in the woods is not successful. Yet Alex’ view on things changes… What if it’s not about being a tough guy, but finding a woman who loves him as he is?

Equipped with this burgeoning insight and unexpected, new, honest-to-goodness love, Alex slip-slides his way past near catastrophe and finally takes the most important turn of his life in a brand new direction: Toward himself.


Distributed by: Twentieth Century Fox of Germany
Box office / ticket Sales: 1.784.797
Release dates: 25/08/2011
Produced by: PANTALEON Films, FOX International Productions


Matthias Schweighöfer, Mavie Hörbiger, Sibel Kekilli, Elyas M’Barek


Directed by: Matthias Schweighöfer
Co-Director: Torsten Künstler
Director of Photography: Bernhard Jasper
Screenplay: Doron Wisotzky, Matthias Schweighöfer