The Break-up Man

Release: 10/01/2013


Paul (Matthias Schweighöfer) is the Break-up man. He works for a Berlin based Break-up Agency that offers the service of conveying the news of their client’s need to break-up to their future Ex-Partners. Yeah, it does get emotional… – But Paul is used to it by now; He never takes work home and cautiously keeps his girlfriend Natalie (Catherine de Léan) at arm’s length.

On one of his assignments he breaks the news to Toto (Milan Peschel) a sensitive, clingy guy, who can’t accept his girlfriend Kati (Nadja Uhl) wanting to break up. Toto attaches himself to the messenger Paul and follows him on his „business trip“, which takes them crisscrossing around Germany. Soon Toto’s presence jeopardizes not only Paul’s job but also Paul’s very own Happy End with Natalie…


Distributed by: Twentieth Century Fox of Germany
Box office / ticket sales: 2.569.847
Release date: 10/01/2013
Produced by: PANTALEON Entertainment, FOX In


Matthias Schweighöfer, Milan Peschel, Catherine De Léan, Nadja Uhl, Anna Bederke


Directed by: Matthias Schweighöfer
Co-Director: Torsten Künstler
Director of Photography: Bernhard Jasper
Screenplay: Doron Wisotzky