Takeover - voll vertauscht

Release: July 2nd, 2020


Danny and Ludwig, both 18, come from completely different worlds: Ludwig leads a life of luxury, while the music-obsessed Danny has to watch every penny. But when they meet for the first time at Europa-Park, they realise that they have one thing in common: what they look like. They are each other’s mirror image and are quickly mistaken for each other. They seize the moment and dive headfirst into completely new ways of life: Ludwig enjoys the bonds of Danny’s family and Danny gets to use the time afforded by a life of leisure to practice for his performance at a song contest. But the cracks soon start to appear, and the “Takeover” threatens to go off the rails – mainly because of Danny’s inquisitive foster sister Lilly. Events lead to a spectacular showdown at the big song contest …


Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany
Release: July 2nd, 2020
TAKEOVER is a production by PANTALEON Films GmbH and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, co-produced by 2112 Pictures, a label of MackNext GmbH & Co KG, in cooperation with Pictures in a Frame. The film is funded by the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF).


Roman Lochmann, Heiko Lochmann, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Luna Marie Maxeiner, Alexandra Neldel, Kai Wiesinger, Jürgen Heinrich


Director: Florian Ross
Screenplay: Tim Gondi
Director of Photography: Patrick-David Kaethner