Close to the Horizon

Release: October 10, 2019


Jessica (Luna Wedler) is young, loves life and has bright prospects for a promising future when, one day, she falls in love with Danny (Jannik Schürmann). He is handsome, charming and confident, but he has a dark secret behind his perfect facade. Jessica realises that she will not have the shared future she dreamed of, but one thing is clear to her: she believes in their love and will fight for it.


Distributor: Studiocanal
Release: October 10, 2019
PANTALEON Films GmbH (Kristina Löbbert und Dan Maag) in coproduction with STUDIOCANAL Film (Kalle Friz and Isabel Hund) and SevenPictures Film (Stefan Gärtner and Verena Schilling), funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.


Luna Wedler, Jannik Schümann, Luise Befort, Frederik Lau, Victoria Mayer, Stephan Kampwirth, Denis Moschitto


Director: Tim Trachte
Screenplay: Ariane Schröder
Director of Photography: Fabian Rösler