Bullsprit TV

Release: September 12, 2018


The main roles in the fictional series are played by YouTuber trio Bullshit TV, which consists of Sebastian Meichsner (Nick) and Philipp Meichsner (Sammy) as well as Christian Manazidis (Jannis). Performers cast in other roles include Oliver Korittke, Ralf Richter, Andrea Sawatzki, the rap artist Haftbefehl (“arrest warrant”), Friedrich Liechtenstein, Lore Richter, musical duo “Die Lochis” and Aylin Werner. In “Bullsprit”, Jannis faces the challenge of successfully managing the run-down petrol station of his late uncle Stavros (Friedrich Liechtenstein) together with his friends Sammy and Nick for a month, so that he can eventually inherit it. No problem for the three of them? Wrong! A holdup, a dangerous undercover operation, a scheming company that puts obstacles in the way and chaotic friends – Jannis faces the most difficult task of his life. Will the petrol station end up his? His uncle’s notary (Oliver Korittke) keeps an eye on progress and decides on success and failure.


Distributor: YouTube Original for YouTube Premium
Release: September 12, 2018


Chris (Bullshit TV)
Phil (Bullshit TV)
C-bas (Bullshit TV)
further roles: Oliver Korittke, Lore Richter, Andrea Sawatzki, Friedrich Liechtenstein, Ralph Richter and Haftbefehl


Director: Mirko Dreiling & Adolfo Kolmerer
Screenplay: Tim Gondi & Christian Martin