PANTAFLIX AG is a media company with numerous business interests related to entertainment. United under the umbrella of the PANTAFLIX Group of our companies are:

· PANTALEON Films: drafts, develops, finances, and produces films and series
· PANTAFLIX Studios: film production unit
· PANTAFLIX Technologies: video-on-demand
· Creative Cosmos 15 (CC15): creative agency
· PantaSounds: podcast producer
· PANTALEON Pictures: documentary company

Amongst others, the PANTAFLIX Group has partnered with: Amazon Prime, Disney, Sky, Netflix, Degeto, Joyn, Paramount, StudioCanal and Warner Bros. With offices in Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart, our board members are: Nicolas Paalzow (CEO) and Stephanie Schettler-Köhler (COO). Our Supervisory Board includes: Marcus Machura (Chairman), Marc Schönberger (Deputy Chairman) and Kerstin Trottnow (Member). PANTAFLIX AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange: XETRA symbol PAL; ISIN DE000A12UPJ7.