PANTAFLIX announces “Heimkino-Wochen” and declares war on lockdown boredom: a selection of Hollywood blockbusters now available for streaming on PANTAFLIX from just 0.99 euro

Munich, April 16, 2020. The coronavirus continues having a strong impact on the everyday life of people in Germany. For most people who stay at home, boredom is now a growing risk. There is no need for this – together we can get through it. PANTAFLIX calls for the “Heimkino-Wochen” (Home Cinema Weeks) and declares war on boredom in the living room.

From now on many big blockbusters are available at PANTAFLIX for little money – from 0.99 euros. Among them are even many new Hollywood productions which just recently have been at the cinemas – now offered for just 2.99 euros. During the next weeks, movie fans will be able to enjoy a selection of the most exciting and popular fiction productions, including fantasy and animation blockbusters by major US studios. But PANTAFLIX does not only bring superheroes and cartoon stars into the living room. All-time favourites and classics of the film history complete the PANTAFLIX “Heimkino-Wochen”. There is even more: the offering is steadily growing so that there is something for every occasion. No matter if alone, as a couple or with the whole family.

"While the range of leisure activities is limited in the current situation, we would like to make our contribution to entertaining people even better. In addition to our free of charge AVOD offering, we have launched the Heimkino-Wochen (Home Cinema Weeks), a campaign in which our platform users can stream a selection of premium films for several weeks at particularly low prices – so that the lockdown becomes a bit more bearable for everyone," says Nicolas Paalzow, CEO of PANTAFLIX AG.

But that's not all. Under #WeActForGood, Matthias Schweighöfer, Heiko and Roman Lochmann, Michael Nast and many more have produced their own short formats – and that for a good cause. The short films, tutorials or living room concerts can now be watched on the PANTAFLIX VOD platform. Even though the productions are freely accessible for platform users, they are encouraged to support "Die Arche" and its projects with a voluntary donation. Since 1995, "Die Arche" has already been involved in the fight against child poverty and especially these days it is in need of support.

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