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Proud members of
Pantaflix AG

Proud members of
Pantaflix group

  • Pantaflix Technologies: our new distribution model

    Pantaflix is a video-on-demand service that has fundamentally changed how filmmakers and rights holders can distribute their work – and how film-lovers around the planet can watch.

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  • 潘达雷昂电影:我们的制作公司


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  • PantaSounds:我们独一无二的音乐品牌


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  • March & Friends: 電影與我們产业合作伙伴的連結

    March & Friends负责植入式广告品牌整合和社群媒体项目,提供外部广告公司与合作伙伴一个跟我们创意商业活动结合的机会。

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  • Creative Cosmos 15

    cc15 unites entertainment and brands, ensuring exciting entertainment and maximum coverage. Whether it be shows, spots or stunts is modelled after the specific target audience we're trying to reach.

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