Sex Zimmer, Küche, Bad (Sex bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom)


Life in a crazy six-roommate situation bang in the heart of Munich. It’s THE place to share all your troubles, ideas, affairs, parties and, last but not least: beds. But when the search for a new roommate begins, first cracks begin to show and a small crisis reveals: living together ain’t as easy as it always seemed…


Format: Comedy, Drama
Season scope: 8 episodes
Episode runtime: 22 minutes
Channel: Prime Video
Seasons: 1


Lukas White, Jana River, Sascha Quade, Christian Torez, Celine Beran, Patrick Mölleken, Luana Knöll, René Rednau, Mario Novembre, Leon Pelz, Leonie Brill, Sandro Weinzierl, Alexander Wipprecht, Tanja Hirner,Julian Brodacz, Brix Schaumburg


Executive Producer: Sebastian Lang, Manuel Uhlitzsch
Producer: Anette Kraska
Producer: Tobias Huber
Script: Tim Gondi
Director: Lars Parlaska
1st AD: Felix Antoine
Cinematographer: Zeno Legner