Creative Cosmos 15


Release: January 2022


As a JOKOLADE, how do you get maximum attention from a nationwide OOH flight? We asked ourselves exactly this question and passed on the briefing by letting the fan community of the founder and namesake Joachim Winterscheidt become an integral part of the campaign. Joko shouted out the headline challenge for the upcoming JOKOLADE campaign and promised the winner not only copywriter fame and honor but also a JOKOLADE flat rate that is not available for purchase.


CC15 has been accompanying the creation of JOKOLADE for years, and things really got going in January last year: The big launch of the popular chocolate with an important mission: Production free from modern slavery and illegal child labor - regardless of the manufacturer.
In addition to the social media presence, the design of the website newsletter process REWE cooperations, there was also a big highlight: A Germany-wide OOH campaign, together with Wall Decaux.


Joko Winterscheidt


Nico Buchholz, Matthijs Mejan, Isabella Homann