Jack the Ripper

Release: 2016


Whitechapel, 1888: young photographer Anna Kosminski comes to London to try to start a new life, but what she finds is a nightmare: Her mother has passed away, Anna gets mugged, and her brother Jakob, her last surviving relative, gets committed to the insane asylum! Over it all looms a gruesome series of killings, terrorizing the poor quarters of London. The horribly disfigured corpse of streetwalker Mary Jane Kelly was found in Jakob’s bed – and Anna’s brother arrested as “Jack the Ripper”.

The case against Jakob looks watertight. Only Anna is convinced of her brother’s innocence. Anna starts looking into Jakob’s private like, finding a job and a roof over her head with shady police photographer Samuel Harris, just like her brother, and making friends with young photographer David Cohen, who has been experimenting with a new invention with Jakob before he was arrested: Moving pictures. Soon Anna finds herself targeted by Jack the Ripper as well, getting mysterious death threats.

Anna has all but given up hoping the police will help her when ambitious Inspector Frederick Abberline offers her aid and protection. It seems the young woman’s life is in grave danger. It looks like she’s the Ripper’s next victim – who always seems to be at least one step ahead of her. How close is Anna on the Ripper’s trail? Whom can she still trust, if anyone?


TV station: Sat.1
Produced by PANTALEON Pictures and Fireworks Entertainment GmbH


Sonja Gerhardt, Vladimir Burlakov, Nicholas Farrel, Sabin Tambrea, Peter Gilbert Cotton, Falk Hentschel, Fundra Vanroy


Directed by: Sebastian Niemann
Written by: Holger Karsten Schmidt
DoP: Gerhard Schirlo
Line Producer: Simon Happ
SAT.1 Network Supervisor: Yvonne Weber