Das Internat Staffel 4 (Boarding School season 4)

Release: May 12, 2022


Instead of preparing for their graduation exams in peace, it’s another move to the Eco-center. This time, it’s down to archaeological findings. To everyone’s surprise, it’s an ideal place to study and even the new students Nikita and Tassilo seem to find their feet - until a stroke of fate turns their lives upside down.


Format: fictional teen-series
Season scope: 18 episodes
Episode runtime: 15 minutes
Channel: Joyn ProSiebenSat.1


Sonya Kraus, Mario Novembre, Leon Pelz, Ivana Novembre, Read, Leoobalys, Payton Ramolla,
Lea Mirzanli, Lukas White, René Rednau, Jana River, Finn Schöwing, Luana Knöll, Lisa Küppers,
Marvin Holm, NikaSofie, Nashwan Schäfer, Markus Hirsch, Frederik Bott, Curd Berger, Jess Maura, Tim Francis, Lilly Joan Gutzeit, McFitti,


Producers: Sebastian Lang, Manuel Uhlitzsch
Creative Producer: Anette Kraska
Producer: Stefanie Gödicke
Script: Tom Goldi
Created by: Anette Kraska, Sebastian Lang, Leon Pelz
Director: Daniel Reiter
1st AD: Tobias Joosten
2nd AD: Nils Ecke
Cinematographer: Florian Linke, Heiko Bokern, Julius Hesse
Second Camera: Daria Gerards