Das Internat Staffel 2 (Boarding School Season 2)

Release: April 19, 2021


Due to water damage, the new school year starts not at their school building but at the Eco-center. The shake-up to their daily routines soon has all the students enjoying this special time. Until a horrible accident brings them back down to Earth. Back at the school, Mrs. Meyer-Stäblein is replaced by an awful new principal who scares them all to bits.


Format: fictional teen-series
Season scope: 24 episodes
Episode runtime: 15 minutes
Channel: Joyn ProSiebenSat.1


Sonya Kraus, Mario Novembre, Leon Pelz, Ivana Novembre, Herr Anwalt, Leoobalys, Payton Ramolla, Sydney Ramolla, Lea Mirzanli, Jana River, Finn Schöwing, Luana Knöll, Lisa Küppers, Nathan Goldblat, Marvin Holm, NikaSofie, Chany Dakota, Stephen Sikder, AveMoves, Anselm Roser, Chris Irslinger


Producers: Sebastian Lang, Manuel Uhlitzsch
Creative Producer: Anette Kraska
Producer: Stefanie Gödicke, Konrad Steuer
Script: Tom Goldi
Created by: Sebastian Lang, Leon Pelz, Melanie Müller-Ittstein, Anette Kraska
Director: Melanie Müller-Ittstein
1st AD: Lenny Heller
Cinematographer: Volker Kintzinger
Second Camera: Heiko Bokern