Release: July 25th 2019


The four misfit friends [Musti, Hannah, Yannick and Tom] - slightly nerdy outsiders - have only just survived their school years together due to their mutual support. At graduation, they decide to prove to everyone and once and for all what they're made of, carelessly promising their classmates THE PARTY to end all parties. But the closer they get to the date of the event, the more the friends discover that there are a few things standing between them: undisclosed feelings, hurt pride and the fear of the looming future.

When the LEGENDARY party is finally in full swing, it's no longer a question of partying to our misfit friends, but of the desperate attempt to save the thing that's most important to all of them: Their friendship!


Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Germany
Release: July 25th 2019
PANTALEON Films in Coproduction with Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH


Reza Brojerdi, Lea van Acken, Lucas Reiber, Jerry Hoffmann, Lisa Marie Koroll, Mehmet Kurtulus, Leon Blaschke, Oliver Korritke u.v.m.


Director: Adolfo Kolmerer
Screenplay: Tim Gondi
Director of Photography: Konstantin Freyer