YOU ARE WANTED renewed for a second season by Amazon after record-breaking launch

We have already been given the green light by Amazon to produce another season of YOU ARE WANTED with Matthias Schweighöfer after a record-breaking opening weekend. Launched worldwide only last weekend, the series achieved a new streaming record and was watched by more people than any other series on Amazon Prime Video in Germany and Austria during its opening weekend. Its international success was also remarkably strong. Second only to the USA, Germany represents the largest market for Amazon worldwide. Shortly after its release, YOU ARE WANTED has been given more 5-star ratings by Amazon customers than any other series in the history of Amazon Prime Video in Germany.

Internationally, the show's success was also remarkably strong: YOU ARE WANTED is one of the five most popular series watched over the weekend in 70 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy and Spain. Like the first season, we will produce the second one together with Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH and Warner Bros. International Television Production Germany GmbH.

As of 17 March 2017, Amazon Prime members in over 200 countries can stream all six episodes of YOU ARE WANTED. This production is thus not only our first web-streamed series but also the first German series ever to be launched simultaneously in more than 200 countries and states around the globe.

For the PANTALEON group, the record-breaking release of YOU ARE WANTED, our first such streaming project, marks our successful entry into the new world of web series production for international video-on-demand providers. This will lastingly vitalize our production branch which, in addition to our own VoD-platform, can now boast another rock-solid pillar for dynamic growth within the entire PANTALEON group.

“This outstanding success and the resulting commission of a second season unmistakeably validates the strategic decision we took to market our productions in collaboration with strong and globally represented business partners,” according to our CEO Dan Maag. “We all have high hopes for our continued partnership with Warner Bros. and Amazon, a genuinely successful constellation that has proved its potential.

“We at Amazon listen very carefully to our customers. They have spoken and given our first German Amazon Original series the most successful launch of all time,” says Dr. Christoph Schneider, managing director of Amazon Video Germany. “We’re now looking forward to making Season Two even bigger and better.”

“We are very pleased about the great success the series has had on Amazon Prime Video. The reactions we’ve received from around the world are incredible,” adds Matthias Schweighöfer. “I can’t wait to continue the story in the next season, together with PANTALEON Films and Warner Bros.”