WHAT A MAN, Matthias Schweighöfer’s directorial debut, is premiering tonight at Sony Center Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. WHAT A MAN is the story of Alex (Matthias Schweighöfer) a teacher who’s girlfriend Caro (Mavie Hörbiger) cheats on him, and brings him to question what it takes to be a man. And while his best friend Okke (Elyas M’Barek) is seeking out quirky answers to that question, Alex’s relationship with his female best friend Nele (Sibel Kekilli) who has taken him in seems to be changing.

A second Premiere will be held in Frankfurt on 8/11/2011 at the E-Cinemas in Frankfurt on the Main, which is where our distributor 20th Century Fox of Germany GmbH is headquartered. On 8/25/2011 WHAT A MAN will come to theaters across Germany.