TAKEOVER - VOLL VERTAUSCHT celebrates its cinema release

On 2 July TAKEOVER - VULL VERTAUSCHT will be launched in German cinemas. The film was shot at Europa-Park. Besides Roman and Heiko Lochmann, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Luna Marie Maxeiner, Alexandra Neldel, Kai Wiesinger, Jürgen Heinrich and Thore Schölermann are part of the cast of the action-packed comedy of mistaken identity, which was directed by director Florian Ross and written by author Tim Gondi.

The two 18-year-olds Danny (Roman Lochmann) and Ludwig (Heiko Lochmann) come from completely different worlds: Ludwig leads a life of wealth, while the music-loving Danny has to turn over every cent twice. But when the two meet at Europa-Park for the first time, they realise that they have one thing in common: their appearance. They look exactly the same and are promptly mixed up. The two take advantage of the moment and immerse themselves in a foreign life: Ludwig enjoys the company of Danny's family, and Danny can practice during his luxurious time out for his appearance at a song contest. But soon the first problems arise and the "take-over" threatens - mainly thanks to Danny's curious foster sister Lilly (Luna Marie Maxeiner) - to get out of control. Everything is heading for a spectacular showdown at the big song contest ...

Pantaleon Films GmbH and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany in co-production with 2112 Pictures, a label of MackNext GmbH & Co KG and Pictures in a Frame, invite you to take a roller coaster ride full of fun and good humour, presented by the most successful twins in Germany: Heiko & Roman Lochmann.

The nationwide theatrical release is scheduled for July 2, 2020 at Warner Bros. Pictures.