TAKEOVER (working title) – Filming begins in Europa-Park in Rust

Directed by Florian Ross (VIELMACHGLAS), principal photography is taking place for the coming-of-age mistaken identity comedy TAKEOVER from 9 May to 7 June. The starring roles are being played by Roman and Heiko Lochmann (BRUDER VOR LUDER), known by their stage name Die Lochis, Lisa-Marie Koroll (BIBI & TINA), Luna Marie Maxeiner (ROCCA VERÄNDERT DIE WELT), Alexandra Neldel (LOMMBOCK), Kai Wiesinger (comedy series DER LACK IST AB), Jürgen Heinrich (WEISSENSEE) and Thore Schölermann.

Director Florian Ross is shooting the turbulent comedy based on a script by Tim Gondi (ABIKALYPSE), set against the backdrop of the popular theme park Europa-Park in Rust. Filming will also be taking place in Offenburg and Lahr. After VIELMACHGLAS, the filmmaker is again looking at subjects such as friendship, love and growing up. Intended for a younger audience, the film’s appeal will also benefit from new music by Heiko and Roman Lochmann.

With Roman and Heiko Lochmann on board, the lead roles are being played by two of Germany’s best-known twins. The brothers are adored by more than 8 million fans across multiple social media platforms and their debut album #zwilling has already gone gold in Germany and Austria. They are joined by Lisa-Marie Koroll from the much-loved (and not just by girls) BIBI & TINA series, and the up-and-coming Luna Marie Maxeiner, who is currently delighting audiences with her brave performance in ROCCA VERÄNDERT DIE WELT. Further roles are being played by the renowned actors Alexandra Neldel (UNTER FRAUEN), Kai Wiesinger (WUNDERKINDER), Jürgen Heinrich (WEISSENSEE) and Thore Schölermann.

Plot summary

Danny and Ludwig, both 18, come from completely different worlds: Ludwig leads a life of luxury, while the music-obsessed Danny has to watch every penny. But when they meet for the first time at Europa-Park, they realise that they have one thing in common: what they look like. They are each other’s mirror image and are quickly mistaken for each other. They seize the moment and dive headfirst into completely new ways of life: Ludwig enjoys the bonds of Danny’s family and Danny gets to use the time afforded by a life of leisure to practice for his performance at a song contest. But the cracks soon start to appear, and the “Takeover” threatens to go off the rails – mainly because of Danny’s inquisitive foster sister Lilly. Events lead to a spectacular showdown at the big song contest …

TAKEOVER is a production by PANTALEON Films GmbH and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, co-produced by 2112 Pictures, a label of Mack Media GmbH & Co KG, in cooperation with Pictures in a Frame. The film’s producers are Dan Maag, Marco Beckmann and Matthias Schweighöfer. The film is funded by the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF).

The film is scheduled to premiere in German cinemas in 2020, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.