Shooting starts for second season YOU ARE WANTED

The first German Amazon original series rings the bell for the second round. Matthias Schweighöfer accepts again the three-part role of director, leading actor and producer. The new season’s cast will include the award-winning Jessica Schwarz, the Dutch shooting star Hannah Hoekstra, and experienced American actor Michael Landes, in addition to Matthias Schweighöfer and Alexandra Maria Lara in the leading roles.

“You Are Wanted” is the most-watched Amazon Prime series in Germany and achieved top ratings after being released in 70 other countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. It also holds the record for five-star customer reviews. No other program has ever been rated higher in the history of Amazon.

Six new episodes will be available in 2018 exclusively to Prime members in over 200 countries and territories on Amazon Prime Video.


No break for Lukas Franke - with the data collecting monster program "Burning Man" he seemed to keep his fate back in his own hands. But now the nightmare is starting again. His memory: deleted. "Burning Man": gone. His family: in danger. Lukas is on the run again. All-powerful intelligence services, international criminals, hackers and activists with their very own idea of ​​a better world want to own "Burning Man" and open the hunt for the family's father. His only chance is to find the most powerful cyber weapon in the world again.