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PANTALEON Films successfully completes filming of the cinematic comedy DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT – LEICHT GEKÜRZT

Munich, October 18, 2021. PANTALEON Films, a wholly owned film production subsidiary of PANTAFLIX AG (GSIN: A12UPJ, ISIN: DE000A12UPJ7), completed filming of the comedy DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT – LEICHT GEKÜRZT on October 13, 2021. Co-produced with Gerda Film Produktion, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany and Brainpool TV, the parody is scheduled for release in German cinemas in 2022. DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT presents a parodic outline of human evolution and civilization, featuring the elite of the German comedy scene in impressive images, taking us through different epochs and different cultures to the most remote regions of this planet. In the lead role: Christoph Maria Herbst, who as Professor Dr. Georg Friedle leads us through the most important stages in the evolutionary history of the human species. In the director's chair: Erik Haffner, who has already led TV formats such as "Ladykracher" and "Pastewka" to success. Showrunner is Chris Geletneky, who also wrote the script together with Erik Haffner, Claudius Pläging and Roland Slawik.


When an alien spaceship in the distant future finds the "Golden Record" of the interstellar space probe "Voyager" launched in 1977, the highly developed tentacled beings are astonished: On the golden data disk opens a hologram of Professor Dr. Georg Friedle, who leads through a 90-minute film about the "history of mankind". In numerous concise episodes, we are confronted, among other things, with our Stone Age ancestors and their dubious role models, observe the chaotic construction of the Great Wall of China by two Berlin craftsmen, learn the secret identity of Jesus Christ, are present at Klaus Störtebeker's last minutes and learn the real reason for the sinking of the Titanic. Baffled, irritated and finally even strongly annoyed, the aliens set course for earth ...

The comedy DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT – LEICHT GEKÜRZT takes its viewers on a journey through epochs, cultures and regions and depicts the development of human evolution and civilization in feature film length. The clever linking of history and entertainment is supported by the top-class cast with a unique German comedy ensemble: Christoph Maria Herbst slips into the role of Professor Dr. Georg Friedle and meets the guest stars Bastian Pastewka, Carolin Kebekus, Axel Prahl, Rick Kavanian, Ulrich Tukur, Jeannette Hain, Kostja Ullman, Christian Tramitz, Barbara Meier, Bela B., Heino Ferch, Tom Schilling, Hannes Jaenicke and Gustav Peter Wöhler alongside a well-rehearsed ensemble cast that includes Max Giermann, Matthias Matschke, Valerie Niehaus, Alexander Schubert, Holger Stockhaus, Judith Richter, Paul Sedlmeir, Jasmin Schwiers and Carsten Strauch. The parody is supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF).

"We are always proud and happy when we get to produce fantastic films together with great cooperation partners and directors. For DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT – LEICHT GEKÜRZT we teamed up with Gerda Film, Warner Bros. and Brainpool as well as the creative mind and successful director Erik Haffner. The result is a film that gives the term 'infotainment' a whole new meaning," says Patrick Zorer, Managing Director of PANTALEON Films.

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