PANTALEON Films adapts best-selling novel „Close to the Horizon“

Media corporation PANTAFLIX AG announces the start of its next big cinematic production. With “Close to the Horizon”, film production subsidiary PANTALEON Films adapts one of the most successful novels of the past years.

“Close to the Horizon” tells the true story of its author Jessica Koch. Jessica is young, full of hopes and dreams and lusting for life when she meets Danny. Charming and confident, Jessica falls for him instantly, but over time she finds out that he is not who he pretends to be. Danny hides a dark secret. Their young love faces a great challenge and Jessica needs to decide how much she is willing to sacrifice.

Since its publication in March 2016, the trilogy’s first novel has met with remarkable success: In a matter of just a few weeks, “Close to the Horizon” climbed to No. 1 on Amazon and has sold over 800,000 copies to date.

To adapt this story about love, courage, trust and strength for the big screen, PANTALEON Films was able to win a very special cast: Luna Wedler and Jannik Schümann will play the lead characters directed by Tim Trachte (“Vampirschwestern 3”, “Abschlussfahrt”). Luna Wedler inspired audiences with her first cinematic lead in “Blue my Mind” (2017) for which she was awarded the Swiss Film Award for best actress in a leading role. The second lead will be played by Jannik Schümann, one of Germany’s most promising talents (“Godless Youth”, “Gaming Instinct”). For his role in the drama “Barbara” (2012), he won the “Bunte New Faces Award”.

“Our goal to win promising, fresh and dynamic productions for our pipeline has been achieved in an exemplary fashion with “Close to the Horizon”. We are very confident that we can turn Jessica Koch’s amazing debut novel and its beautiful story into a successful adaptation for the big screen. We are elated and can hardly wait to start shooting,” says Kristina Löbbert, producer of PANTALEON Films.

PANTALEON Films will film the project in collaboration with Studiocanal Film and in co-production with SevenPictures Film. Shooting is planned for the fall of 2018 with a theatrical release in 2019.

IImage © Studiocanal GmbH / Andreas Büttner