Name change to PANTAFLIX AG

Munich, 20 July, 2017 – PANTALEON Entertainment AG held its Annual General Meeting in Munich on 19 July, 2017. The shareholders signalled their complete satisfaction with the events of the 2016 financial year and approved the conduct of the Management and Supervisory Boards with 100% of their votes. All resolutions proposed by management, including the relocation of the headquarters to Munich, were accepted with very large majorities. Most were even unanimous.

The most important item on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting was PANTALEON Entertainment AG’s change of name to PANTAFLIX AG, which the shareholders approved unanimously. “You don’t rename a company just like that. But today was the day, because we had to make a vital decision for our company ‘PANTAFLIX AG’. Namely the decision to take the next step into the future. I am deliberately saying ‘we’ here because it felt good to take this step together with our shareholders at a trustful Annual General Meeting and in perfect agreement,” says Dan Maag, CEO of PANTALEON Entertainment AG.

By changing its name, the company is firstly committing to its strategy of playing a crucial role in the market for video-on-demand services and facing up to the challenge of the ambitious competition. Secondly, the rebranding underscores the dynamic growth of

“We launched the iOS-based Pantaflix app in December 2016; the Android version followed in February. We have agreed on profitable partnerships in every respect and are getting a lot of interest and an incredible reception from both investors and customers. We also want to respond to this rapid development with the rebranding and give expression to our core business with the name ‘PANTAFLIX AG’,” explains Management Board member (COO) Stefan Langefeld.

In their presentations, CEO Dan Maag and COO Stefan Langefeld commented in detail on the positive development of the past financial year and explained the current corporate strategy. Among other things, the plan is to improve the usability of the Pantaflix app and the web application, to continuously expand the range of films and to roll it out to other countries.

“In the 2016 Annual Report, we already announced ten projects that are nearly ready and which we want to implement this year. These include plans for and with Pantaflix, but also exciting projects in the traditional film production business. ‘Vielmachglas’ is a promising film project starring Jella Haase (other credits include ‘Fack Ju Göhte’) that is ready to go. It is scheduled for release in theaters in 2018. In addition, the second season of the hit Pantaleon and Amazon hit series ‘You Are Wanted’ will start shooting in September 2017,” adds Dan Maag.

The voting results of the 2017 Annual General Meeting can be accessed at