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PANTAFLIX Technologies shows UPPERCUT on PANTAFLIX and further positions itself as a technology partner for filmmakers and content distributors

Munich, October 08, 2021. PANTAFLIX Technologies, a subsidiary of PANTAFLIX AG (GSIN: A12UPJ, ISIN: DE000A12UPJ7), continues to position itself as an important technology partner for the film and entertainment industry. As cinema exploitation windows continue to shorten, PANTAFLIX Technologies is creating additional distribution channels for filmmakers with its PANTAFLIX streaming platform, as well as new opportunities for self-distribution.

With the Oldenburg Filmfest opener UPPERCUT, PANTAFLIX is supporting a solid independent film to become available immediately after its theatrical release. The film by producer, director and screenwriter Torsten Rüther and his production company Hello Moment Productions already met with enthusiastic media feedback in the run-up to its premiere.

The extraordinary genesis of the film, 110 minutes of feature film shot in only 3 nights with 2 mobile cameras, allows the viewer an intense access to the soul life of the two characters rarely experienced so directly.

Hardy Krüger jr. (Hardy Daniel Krüger) – showing a completely new facet of his acting skills in this film – and Luise Großmann were also nominated for the Seymour Cassel Award at the International Film Festival in Oldenburg for their great performances in UPPERCUT.

UPPERCUT will have its exclusive digital premiere on October 08 on the PANTAFLIX platform and additionally expand its audience with its dedicated self-distribution technology. With the PANTAFLIX Embed Player Hello Moment Productions will make the film simultaneously available to the audiences of various affiliate and marketing partners.


Steph (Luise Großmann) seeks out Rick's (Hardy (Daniel) Krüger jr.) boxing gym in Berlin-Wedding one night. Determined to prove her talent, she craves recognition from the once promising boxing talent. However, an injury put an abrupt end to Rick's big career dreams. Now he lives on the shattered dream as a disillusioned boxing coach. When Steph confronts him with her unfiltered energy, the old passion flares up again for one night. A night when two very different people meet each other. Together they train, talk, fight, cry, struggle and laugh. In the process, Steph reaches her limits and Rick goes beyond his.

"UPPERCUT is a great example of how our self-distribution technology can enable emerging and established filmmakers to actively promote and distribute their films in a clever way in the digital era. Together with Torsten Rüther, we have bundled creativity and technology to unleash the full potential of a new independent film. We are pleased and proud to be able to support filmmakers with our digital solutions," says Rainer Knebel, Managing Director of PANTAFLIX Technologies.

"I am very pleased that after the great success as the opening film at Oldenburg Filmfestival, we are now able to bring UPPERCUT to the audience together with PANTAFLIX so quickly. PANTAFLIX has not only valued us as filmmakers beyond measure in human terms, but has also created a forward-looking technology for the film across several channels including our own. I am very excited about the digital launch of the film together with PANTAFLIX," says Torsten Rüther, producer, director and screenwriter of UPPERCUT and founder of Hello Moment Productions GmbH.

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Photo credit: ©Jim Rakete for Torsten Rüther Productions