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PANTAFLIX Studios successfully completes filming of third season DAS INTERNAT – New episodes available on Joyn starting October 25

– PANTAFLIX Studios expands series cast with exciting social media stars

– Three of the 24 new episodes are available for free every week

Munich, September 7, 2021. PANTAFLIX Studios, a subsidiary of PANTAFLIX AG (GSIN: A12UPJ, ISIN: DE000A12UPJ7), completed filming of the third season of DAS INTERNAT (in English: “The Boarding School”) last Friday. Adhering to the highest health and hygiene standards set by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team once again produced 24 episodes for the streaming service and cooperation partner Joyn. From October 25, 2021, the new season of Joyn Original will be available for free viewing on Joyn.

Three new episodes are released each week, with a top-class cast led by Sonya Kraus as school principal and successful content creators such as Mario Novembre, Payton Ramolla, Leon Pelz, Lisa Küppers, Marvin Holm, Luana Knöll, Leoobalys, Lea Mirzanli, Chany Dakota and Finn Schöwing. In addition, Ivana Novembre, Nashawn Schäfer and Laura Marie Soons join the main cast in the new season. DAS INTERNAT is edgier than ever and addresses relevant topics such as catcalling, discrimination, and homophobia.

A new classmate, a poker tournament and dubious people

In the third season, the students of F.LY. return to the boarding school and first welcome a new classmate. Fonsi is the new student and tries to turn all the women's heads – including sports teacher Ms Kovac. Alongside Fonsi, principal Ms Meyer-Stäblein is also looking for love and has discovered online dating. In the process, she gets into bizarre and dangerous situations. Also for Toni it gets dangerous. At a poker tournament, he encounters dubious people as well as the YouTube stars of “Gewitter im Kopf” (in English: “Thunderstorm in Head”) and goes astray. After a turbulent school year, the students take a short trip to Salzburg, Austria.

The A-list of the German social media scene

For DAS INTERNAT, the A-list of German content creators comes together again in the third season. Mario Novembre, singer of the title song and one of the main characters of the series, gets acting support from his sister Ivana Novembre. Principal Ms Meyer-Stäblein, played by Sonya Kraus, as well as sports teacher Ms Kovac, portrayed by Jana Riva, round out the cast. Influencer Anika Teller and the two YouTubers of “Gewitter im Kopf” can be seen in cameo roles in the meantime.

The genre of the creators series works

“After the successful first two seasons of DAS INTERNAT on Joyn and the positive feedback from the fans, we now want to follow up with the third season. We have understood how to reach the young target group between the age of 14 and 20: with content in cinematic quality that can entertain as well as deal with serious topics. It has to be one thing above all: conveniently accessible everywhere – the classic TV set is and often remains the 'second screen' for this target group,” as Sebastian Lang, Managing Director of PANTAFLIX Studios and inventor of DAS INTERNAT, explains. “The genre of 'creators series' that we at PANTAFLIX Studios have further developed brings young creators and professional actors together – a mix that, as DAS INTERNAT shows, works very well.”

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