PANTAFLIX now offers TV series

PANTAFLIX AG has reached the next stage in its exploitation of rights to films and series on its innovative video-on-demand (VoD) platform PANTAFLIX: fans of TV series can now stream a whole host of episodes and seasons of their favorite programs. For the launch, PANTAFLIX has made around 120 seasons and 1,600 episodes available to its customers, and will constantly be adding more. Initial series content includes hit German productions such as “Tatort”, “Rosamunde Pilcher” and “Traumschiff”.

“With this new addition of series to our range, we have achieved the latest success in the expansion of our disruptive exploitation model. The reach of series is multiplied by the commitment of fans, who can fully enjoy their favorite programs on PANTAFLIX”, explains Stefan Langefeld, COO of PANTAFLIX AG. “Furthermore, the series producers and rights holders also benefit. Now, they are now no longer solely reliant on the few annual TV trade fairs as a forum for the complex international sales of their TV series, which previously required individual negotiations for each territory. PANTAFLIX is now the one-stop shop for the international exploitation of films and series”, Langefeld summarizes.

For the first time, the potential of series can be fully realized with PANTAFLIX.