PANTAFLIX: cooperation with global MyFrenchFilmFestival

For the first time, the video-on-demand platform (VoD) PANTAFLIX is the official partner of MyFrenchFilmFestival. Initiated by UniFrance, French film’s agency abroad, the film festival is entering into its eighth year and this year’s twenty competing French-language films are available online from now until Febuary 19th. Internet users are free to rate the films and leave comments on while a jury of high-caliber international directors will determine the winners. Paolo Sorrentino, famous for creations like “La Grande Bellezza – The Great Beauty“ or “The Young Pope“ will act as the jury president this year.

MyFrenchFilmFestival is the first festival for exclusively French-language films and its distinctive make-up allows young francophone filmmakers to share their work with keen online audiences around the world. The competing movies, ten full-length and ten short films, plus ten films out of competition, are available for one month on over 50 partner-platforms online as well as in theaters around the world.

„MyFrenchFilmFestival’s unique concept to make films available to broad audiences online before they are shown in theaters represents a global and digital outlook that aligns perfectly with our vision for PANTAFLIX: we strive not only to be digital trailblazers, but also the most comprehensive VoD-platform for film buffs around the world“, says Stefan Langefeld, CEO of the VoD-platform PANTAFLIX.

All full-length films selected in the festival are now available on PANTAFLIX for € 1.99 each.