PANTAFLIX Technologies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed PANTAFLIX AG (GSIN: A12UPJ, ISIN: DE000A12UPJ7), is expanding its existing cooperation with DEUTSCHE FILMAKADEMIE. On the basis of a fixed contractual relationship, PANTAFLIX will thus deliver its innovative VoD solution to its first business customer in the future.

PANTAFLIX and DEUTSCHE FILMAKADEMIE have been working together as partners for two years now. Now they take their partnership to a new level: "We are very pleased that we were able to convince the DEUTSCHE FILMAKADEMIE of the advantages of our VoD platform and win them as the first business customer. It turns out that PANTAFLIX is also an interesting option for business customers and their professional requirements for a state-of-the-art VoD platform," explains Stefan Langefeld, CEO of PANTAFLIX AG.

From next year 2019, PANTAFLIX will again be available as the official VoD-platform for all Academy members to view the preselected films and select the winners of the award, the Golden LOLA. In the context of the selection of the DEUTSCHE FILMPREIS, around 1,800 jury members will have access to the nominated films.

PANTAFLIX meets the high standards of the DEUTSCHE FILMAKADEMIE in the best possible way. The platform is market-proven, performs stable and meets the highest security standards, for example to prevent unauthorized duplication of content. All films are copyrighted using the latest Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. At the same time, the platform allows a stream in 5.1 sound and HD quality and is also available for all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.