Jonathan Jacubowicz receives the Peace Prize of German Film - The Bridge for RESISTANCE

On June 23, 2020, the 19th festive award ceremony of the Peace Prize of the German Film - The Bridge was to take place in Munich. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the jury decided on the awarding of the prize even without the festive event and honored two outstanding filmmakers with the Peace Prize of German Cinema - The Bridge - 2020.

Director Jonathan Jakubowicz will receive the National Peace Prize of German Cinema - The Bridge - 2020 for the PANTALEON Films cinema production RESISTANCE, which will be released in cinemas on September 24, 2020. This award is endowed with prize money of 7,500 euros. The film tells of the French resistance during World War II and is at the same time a film biography of the French mime Marcel Marceau, one of the most extraordinary artistic personalities of the 20th century. True events inspired the touching story of the film. Marcel joins the resistance together with his brother Alain. With his talent for forgery and his extraordinary sense of humor, Marcel played an important role in many dangerous situations, in which he brought Jewish children across the Alps to safety in Switzerland. At the mercy of the constant fear of being discovered by Nazi terrorists and murdered, he tries to give the girls and boys back their laughter. With his little tricks, his supposed carefreeness and his joy in pantomime, he wins the trust of these young people and lets them forget their bleak reality for a while. In breathtaking, at times poetic images and with his magnificent ensemble - above all Jesse Eisenberg as Marcel Marceau - Jakubowicz lets the audience participate in a moving way in the deep suffering of the refugees, in flashing cheerful moments and in the unwavering determination of their courageous helpers - in a dramatic escape from the Holocaust that is both deeply moving and shameful.

The Peace Prize of the German Film - The Bridge is also awarded to the French director Ladj Ly for his film LES MISERABLES.

RESISTANCE was supported by the FFF Bayern through the special program International Co-Productions.