It's a wrap on international cinema production RESISTANCE

Director Jonathan Jakubowicz has completed filming on the WW2 drama "Resistance" on November 17 in Munich. Filming took place in the Czech Republic and Bavaria, among other locations.

The PANTALEON production received 2 million Euros in funding courtesy of the FFF Bayern. Starring Jesse Eisenberg in the lead, this drama is based on a true story and centers on the life, work and influence of legendary mime Marcel Marceau. Together with a group of friends in the French Resistance, Marceau, who was himself a son of Jewish parents, managed to smuggle Jewish children out of the country during World War 2, thus saving them from the Nazis. The prominent cast also includes, among others: Matthias Schweighöfer as the head of the local Gestapo Klaus Barbie, Ed Harris, Clémence Poésy, Alicia von Rittberg, Edgar Ramirez, Félix Moati, Bella Ramsey, Géza Röhrig and Karl Markovics. Warner Bros. Pictures Germany will distribute "Resistance" to cinemas in 2019.