FILMFEST MÜNCHEN will be showing 14 German productions as world premieres in its New German Cinema section. Multifaceted themes center around the history of divided Germany, whether they are explored in tragicomedy, biopic, or drama. Other works explore the friction between the individual and society in depth.

"These films explore the possibility of the here and now, even if they do sometimes have a historical underpinning. We are pleased to be able to demonstrate to audiences in such a concentrated way that there are very powerful signs of life in German cinema — whether they’re socially realist, absurd or even quite poetic." Christoph Gröner, artistic director of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN

GENERATION BEZIEHUNGSUNFÄHIG, the second film by Helena Hufnagel (after EINMAL BITTE ALLES), is dedicated to the Tinder generation, inspired by the bestselling non-fiction book of the same title — with Luise Heyer and Frederick Lau as an “odd couple” who play off each other with a lot of verbal wittiness.