First PANTAFLIX Original Movie-Production with Kida Khodr Ramadan and Frederick Lau

The shooting of the first PANTAFLIX Original Movie "Rocco's Reise" (WT) starts on December 1st, which is completely filmed with the iPhone. Kida Khodr Ramadan (4 Blocks, The Goldfish) and Frederick Lau (Das perfekte Geheimnis, Victoria) will jointly direct and co-produce this film project with their production company "Macadamia & Mothermilk" together with PANTAFLIX Studios. Frederick Lau also plays the leading role. In addition, other well-known actors have cameo appearances in "Rocco's Reise". The screenplay is wirtten by Nana Heymann. An evaluation on the streaming platform PANTAFLIX is planned for 2020.

Dan Maag, Managing Director of PANTALEON Films: "We are now working with Kida and Freddy on three very concrete projects. This shows more than clearly how much we enjoy working together. I'm really looking forward to 'Rocco's journey'."

Photocredit: Julian Baumann