ABIKALYPSE film premiere in Berlin

Cast, team and fans celebrated the ABIKALYPSE film premiere in Berlin on July 16th 2019. ABIKALYPSE is about to be released in cinemas on 25 July 2019.

Director Adolfo J. Kolmerer and writer Tim Gondi joined toegther with the leading roles Lea van Acken ("Dark", "Fack Ju Göhte 3"), Lucas Reiber ("Fack Ju Göhte 2-3", "Die Unsichtbaren - Wir wollen leben"), Jerry Hoffmann ("Amelie rennt", "Hitman: Agent 47") and Reza Brojerdi ("Saat des Terrors"), as well as Lisa-Marie Koroll ("Bibi and Tina 1-4, "We are now"), Bianca Nawrath ("Class Reunion 1.0"), Leon Blaschke ("The Boat"), Heiko and Roman Lochmann and many influencers like Leoo Balys.

Musti, Yannick, Hannah and Tom finally have their school-leaving exams in their pockets. Before the seriousness of life awaits the four friends and their paths may part, they carelessly promise their classmates the most blatant party of the year. They finally want to prove to everyone that they are not losers and that there is more Fame than Fail in them. But the search for recognition and digital followers is whirling the close friendship of the four of them. Tom and Hanna's unspoken love only complicates things more... For the four friends the party of their life becomes the most important test of their friendship.

ABIKALYPSE is a production of PANTALEON Films GmbH and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany. The film is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and the German Film Fund (DFFF)