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As easy as turning on the TV

PANTAFLIX aims to connect entertainment creators and lovers in the most seamless way possible. We continuously develop an uncomplicated, customer-centric premium product that offers a wide selection of movies, series, documentaries and more to a vast audience.

By removing all of the typical barriers we differentiate ourselves from other services and are able to offer compelling content without sign-up, log-in and subscription fees, through our initial Advertising based Video on Demand (AVOD) product.

For a comprehensive premium experience, we service our consumers by offering further curation and personalisation of state of the art content via Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) and Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) products.

Easy Distribution of Content

Great content deserves to be seen. That’s why we developed the PANTAFLIX Pro tool assisting content producers in easy distribution.

License holders can simply upload their movies or series and easily distribute it to a global audience via our PANTAFLIX VOD platform or by embedding our player in their own online presence. We give the lion’s share of every rental back to the talented visionaries who created the work. Once you upload, you get paid for every rental, every time.


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