PANTAFLIX Technologies acts as a technological and logistical powerhouse. With unrivalled expertise along the entire value chain for film, video, music, and entertainment, we offer content licensing and self-distribution of premium content, the provision of video players for mobile and smart TVs, and other technological solutions that are redefining our industry. Working closely with them, we enable our customers to create new business models, services, and revenue streams – all as flexible, agile, and scalable as needed.

Our partners and customers include: film festivals, producers, theatres, publishers, and just about everyone else who wants to reap the benefits of entertainment enjoyment. A prime example: our in-house developed video-on-demand (VoD) player that allows content owners to distribute and market their content immediately, and globally. Our heroic tech team is based in Berlin. The Managing directors are Dan Maag and Nicolas Paalzow.