PantaSounds launches the first podcast originals MITTEN AM TAG and K.O.-TROPFEN in cooperation with Seven.One Audio

Munich, July 14, 2022. The PANTAFLIX subsidiary PantaSounds is releasing its first two podcast originals, MITTEN AM TAG and K.O.-TROPFEN, taking on a thematically widespread horror scenario among clubbers, party guests and bar visitors*. inside on. Both audio productions are about knockout drops that take effect within a short time and leave the victims sedated and defenseless. The number of unreported cases in such cases is high, as many shy away from going to the police out of false shame. The production of the podcasts is in the hands of PantaSounds, distribution, hosting and marketing is handled by Seven.One Audio, the audio unit of the Seven.One Entertainment Group.

MITTEN AM TAG is a fiction podcast based on a true crime that took place in Berlin in the middle of the day in 2019. A young woman is drugged in broad daylight at a farmer's market and finds herself in a backyard with no memory. The listeners experience first-hand how the protagonist fights her way back to life. Luise von Finckh, known from the main cast of "Browser Ballet" (ZDF) or the ARD series "Begräbnis", speaks the main role. The format starts with the first two episodes on July 14. Thereafter, a new episode will appear weekly until the season finale with episode eight on August 25, 2022.

In the documentary podcast K.O.-TROPFEN, true cases are processed and those affected have their say. Also included is the young woman from the Berlin case, who revealed her story to the screenwriter of MITTEN AM TAG, Sintje Rosema. The actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer ("Tatort", "jerks") is the prominent narrator who leads through the podcast. The first episode starts on September 8, 2022.

Tristan (Stan) Lehmann, Managing Director of PantaSounds: “With our first two originals, we take on one and the same topic in different narrative forms – fiction and documentary. A topic that is extremely topical and relevant, especially in younger population groups. MIDDLE OF THE DAY is a story of a terrible crime. From the very beginning of the production, it was important to us to get as close as possible and to be able to empathize with the traces these crimes leave behind without being voyeuristic. We were very fortunate to be able to develop this podcast in cooperation with a real sufferer. We hope to be able to shed some light on this topic with an exciting story and the accompanying documentary series.”

The PANTAFLIX subsidiary PantaSounds, managed by Tristan Lehmann, has been producing auditory entertainment since the beginning of the year. The aim is to use the entire keyboard of modern audio entertainment - from entertaining talk with strong voices to complex storytelling formats. The focus is on podcasts, but the topic of audio is considered holistically. A podcast could also be the basis for a film adaptation from the PANTAFLIX or PANTALEON film cosmos.

Both podcasts are everywhere there are podcasts.

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Photo Credit: PantaSounds