PANTALEON Films successfully completes shooting of the ARD Mediathek series ASBEST by and with Kida Khodr Ramadan

Munich, June 03, 2022. This week, PANTALEON Films, a wholly owned film production subsidiary of PANTAFLIX AG (GSIN: A12UPJ, ISIN: DE000A12UPJ7), successfully completed shooting of the prison series ASBEST, which was produced for ARD Mediathek on behalf of ARD Degeto. At the center of the production is Momo, a young football talent whose career comes to an abrupt end when he suffers a robbery. Suddenly he has to assert himself anew in a world that is completely foreign to him.

Juri Sternburg wrote the screenplays based on an idea by Katja Eichinger. Kida Khodr Ramadan directed the film. The lead role in ASBEST was taken by 20-year-old German rapper Xidir aka Koder Alian. In other roles are Lulu Hacke, David Kross, Anatole Taubman, Stipe Erceg, Uwe Preuss, Veysel Gelin, Ludwig Trepte, Jasmin Tabatabai, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Claudia Michelsen, Burak Yigit, Jan Georg Schütte, Detlev Buck, Tim Seyfi, Anna Bederke, Sönke Möhring, Frederick Lau, Nicolette Krebitz, Sabin Tambrea, Aaron Altaras, Christian Kahrmann, Alexander Beyer, Hubert Koundé, and the multi-talented Kida Khodr Ramadan. Simon Dat Vu was the camera man. The film was shot in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Abstract ASBEST:

The door slams shut, the key rattles: Momo now is alone in his nine square meter prison cell. The 19-year-old is facing nine years for a crime that his uncle Amar and his cousins boldly framed him for. His career as a professional football player, which he thought was secure, is suddenly out of reach; instead, he has to cope with the tough prison system. His only support is the prison football team. While his girlfriend and his mother worry about the desperate inmate, clan boss Amar blackmails him hard: Only if Momo submits to him and starts dealing in prison he will grant "protection". How long can Momo hold on to his resolve not to become a criminal?

"ASBEST is our first joint production with ARD Degeto. In collaboration with Kida Khodr Ramadan, we have brought together a great cast of renowned actors and new talents," says Dan Maag, Managing Director of PANTALEON Films.

ASBEST is a production of PANTALEON Films GmbH on behalf of ARD Degeto for ARD Mediathek. The producers are Dan Maag, Frank Kusche, Patrick Zorer and Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann. Carolin Haasis and Christoph Pellander (both ARD Degeto) are responsible for the editing of the series. The series is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

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Photo credit: Mirza Odabasi / ARD Mediathek / PANTALEON Films / 2022 (f.l.t.r.: Elena Erbenich (Producerin PANTALEON Films), Carolin Haasis (ARD Degeto), Katja Eichinger (Koproduzentin), Frank Kusche (Produzent PANTALEON Films), Kirsten Niehuus (MBB), Kida Khodr Ramadan (Regie), Juri Sternburg (Autor), Simon Dat Vu (Kamera), Oliver Zeller (MBB))